Currently, following features are implemented:

  • Private Messages

    You can start a private conversation with another user.

  • Management Interface

    Easily manage the forum with the management interface.

  • Group based permissions

    Create groups with different permissions. Choose which group can view which forum.

  • Markdown Support

    Format your posts in markdown. Emoji support is included.

  • Topic Tracker

    Track your favorite posts with the Topic Tracker.

  • Unread Topics/Forums

    Keep track which topics and forums you already have read.

  • i18n Support

    FlaskBB supports, besides English, user translated languages as well. If your language isn't listed, feel free to add it!

  • Themes

    Are you sick of the standard theme or you simply want to create a customized style for your site? No problem! You can customize every template in FlaskBB.

  • Plugin System

    Due to the plugin system it is possible to extend FlaskBB without touching a single line of code. You just drop the plugin into the plugins directory and activate it in the managment panel.

  • Command Line Interface

    Have you ever seen a forum software that can be managed via a CLI? FlaskBB can do that.

FlaskBB Forum Index

Checkout the FlaskBB Forums to see an actual running instance of FlaskBB. Use demo // demo as login for the test user.